Review: A School for Unusual Girls

A School for Unusual Girls (Stranje House Novel #1) by Kathleen Baldwin Buy it at Cavalier House Books: Hardback | Kobo eBook Author's Website (Review originally published on TFW’s sister blog, The Book Academy. September 2015) In Regency England there is no room in polite society for girls who are interested in science. Girls must fit the mold of all … Continue reading Review: A School for Unusual Girls

Review: Between the Lines

Who among us hasn’t developed a literary crush and wished the character could step into the real world? If only Gilbert Blythe were real! If only every other boy didn’t pale in comparison to Henry Tilney or Mr. Darcy! In Between the Lines by Jodi PIcoult and Samantha Van Leer, Delilah’s literary crush, Oliver, is very real. Well…real to Delilah while still being trapped in the pages of his book.